ITAPE is the only institute which is providing Technical and Professional courses and diplomas in almost all the fields of daily life. Those students who cannot manage or afford to go to the colleges and universities and are afraid to pay high fee to them can now easily apply to us and get a quality education. Our procedure is so simple that an average citizen can accomplish all the pre requisites and then after taking the examinations can get diploma.

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How we do it?

ITAPE procedure of education is distance learning based. It is an international method of study and it is suitable for all age groups and for every student whether he or she is a full time student or part time student doing some job

ITAPE will provide lectures which are online and in the shape of DVDs. ITAPE also provide quality books of renowned authors and publishers. After getting lectures and studying from books, students do their assignments in their time and submit us on the mentioned addresses. Our faculty check these assignments and do marking. If the student is up to the required level then his exam is taken which is online on our website. And at the last after passing the exam student are awarded with the diploma

  • Online classes and lectures
  • Assignments
  • Online Examination
  • Online Result
  • Diploma

Why we do it?

The main aim and purpose of ITAPE is to deliver quality education to all over the world. Our mission is to make people more technical and professional so that they can keep pace with the life by earning handsome amount of income.

In the current world of hustle and bustle it is very hard for any one to earn money by having a good job or business. So, ITAPE is doing all this effort to make people so skilled that they can easily find a good job or can run their own business. For this purpose we have plenty of diplomas in almost all the fields of life.


We have maximum number of instructional videos of different topics which is of high quality and full of knowledge.

Along with online videos, we also have a lot of articles and books on different topics to fulfill our training needs.

To make students technically and proficiently strong we have many projects for them.

We have a vast experience in the field of teaching and by the Grace of God we have produced excellent result.